Norwegian Navy demonstrates new missile

Last week, the Norwegian Navy demonstrated a new missile system to representatives from the US Navy. “The NSM missile is highly suited for deployment in both coastal areas and at the open sea,” says Captain Bjørn Egenberg, Commander of the Norwegian Frigate Service.

The Naval Strike Missile (NSM), developed by Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace in 2007, is currently in use by the Norwegian Navy.

“The NSM has a low signature, and is capable of flying at very low, sea-skimming altitudes. This means that it is very difficult to detect on radar. Also, the target recognition system is very advanced, distinguishing between different types of targets,” says Captain Egenberg.

Training with USS Enterprise

The demonstration took place onboard the Norwegian AEGIS frigate, F 310 FRIDTJOF NANSEN, at Baltimore Harbor. The frigate has been in the US for a three month operation, participating in a training mission of the USS Enterprise Carrier Strike Group together with the Norwegian Submarine HNoMS UTVAER (S303).

“We had our vessels nearby, so this was a good occasion to give the US Navy more detailed demonstration of how the missile system is managed,” says Capt. Egenberg. “From our on-board command room, we presented different missile deployment scenarios with multiple targets in a challenging coastal environment.”

The NSM is now fitted to the new classes of Norwegian Navy ships; the FRIDTJOF NANSEN frigates, and the SKJOLD corvettes.

Air-launched missile in development

Prior to the development of the NSM, the Norwegian Navy was unable to find any Anti-Surface Warfare missile that met its requirements. Drawing on this development, an air launched version of the missile, the Joint Strike Missile, is currently being developed, and scheduled to be completed by 2018.

Norway’s ambassador to the US, Wegger Chr. Strømmen, was also present at the demonstration. “We are proud of our Navy and our Coastguard, and the work they do in looking after the North Atlantic,” he says. “Also, we are proud of our defence industry. And we believe there is a future for the Joint Strike Missile.”

Source: Royal Norwegian Embassy

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