Norwegian GDP second highest in Europe


Norwegian Krone.

Luxembourg and Norway head GDP comparison

According to figures recently released by Eurostat, Norway had the second highest price level adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in Europe in 2008.

GDP per capita is often used as an estimate of the material prosperity of a country. In 2008 the price level adjusted GDP per capita in Norway was 90 per cent above average of the 27 EU countries (EU27). Only Luxembourg is above Norway. Other countries with a high GDP per capita are Switzerland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

In general the countries in eastern Europe come out with a lower GDP per capita than western countries. Slovenia and Czech Republic are exceptions, with results above Malta and Portugal. At the bottom of the list we find the western Balkan countries, as well as Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In these countries the price level adjusted GDP per capita is below half of the average EU level.

More information in the Eurostat’s press release.

Source: Statistics Norway

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