Norwegian flood protection gives hope in Fargo

Norwegian company helps in the city of Fargo, North Dakota, while the city waits for a one hundred year flood for the second consecutive year.  They set up a Norwegian flood protection system that this hard-pressed city has not seen before.

“Large areas are already flooded, and trees have gone down, “says chairman of Norwegian AquaFence, Helge Krøgenes.

He will try out the equipment in the Norwegian city of Fargo, North Dakota, which was prepared at the flood crest Sunday.

In the last 24 hours the Red River has risen by a meter. The city of Fargo looks more and more like a fortress of sandbags.

More effective

But they’re also trying out with happiness a Norwegian invention, mobile flood walls to protect against water.

They can be more effective than sandbags”, said Helge Krøgenes, who has flown over to demonstrate the equipment for the Americans. Here in Minnesota they also make the point that we are Norwegians”, says Krøgenes. “Many Norwegian descents live here.”

New one hundred year flood

Fargo, a city with 200 000 inhabitants, also experienced one hundred year flood last year. Then the water level in the river to the 12  meter (40 feet) mark.

“The chance of a big flood like this coming two years in a row is tiny. Many residents ask themselves, are the climate change to blame”, says Krøgenes.

He says it takes 2000 volunteers 12 hours to build a 500 meter long wall of sandbags. 25 installers use one and a half hours to set up 500 meters of the Norwegian flood protection system.

Protects the town hall

But already now, the water is up by the walls we have erected, “said Krøgenes. A wall is protecting the town hall in the city, and another is set up at the riverbank.”

Source: NRK

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