Norwegian faith communities address anti-Jewish attitudes

A series of reports on Norwegian television March 2010 uncovers harassment of Jews in public schools in Oslo. The reports also tell about teachers who are warned against speaking of Holocaust and parents and teachers who must speak anonymously about these things out of fear of reprisals.

Representatives of the Church of Norway, other churches, faiths and life stance communities went to the Synagogue in Oslo to express their solidarity with The Mosaic Religious Community, stating that strong anti-Jewish attitudes among Norwegian school children raise grave concern.

Ms. Anne Sender, Moderator of The Mosaic Religious Community in Oslo, expressed her gratitude in receiving the breadth of faith community representatives in the Synagogue. We must state clearly what kind of society we want to have. We must make sure that good attitudes are cultivated by our research and our educational material, through heads of schools and politicians. This is a serious matter for all of us. We do not want a society that gives room for religious harassment, she said.

Source:  The Church of Norway

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