Norwegian Design Council: Strategic design pays off

Norway's Minister of Trade and Industry, Sylvia Brustad (middle), handed over the ”Design Effekt Grand Prix 2009” to Sigvald Rist (right) from Lofotprodukt and Morten Throndsen from Strømme Throndsen Design. Their new design for fish products generates 300% increase in turnover. Since Lofotprodukt was established in 1994, it has been a regional player in northern Norway. Foto: Erlend Sæteren.

The Norwegian Design Council (NDC) recently introduced 18 Norwegian projects that received the Design Effect award in 2009. These are proven cases that design has a positive impact on profitability and the company’s bottom line, writes NDC on its website

Design Effect is a brand new award from NDC. The award is the first of its kind in Norway. Design Effect recognise projects which demonstrate design’s tangible impact on a client’s business. The award will go to design projects that present proof beyond doubt that the client’s business problem was solved by the design solution.

Design Business Association in the UK has focused on the effectiveness of design for a total number of 20 years, with their Design Effectiveness Award (DEA). We have entered an agreement regarding licensing their successful award concept, which has resulted in our very own Design Effect Award.

The award is based on a very precise rating system in order to measure the effect of design projects. The awards offer a unique opportunity for design projects to be judged by a panel of senior business and marketing professionals, chosen for their business experience and acumen.

During the judging process, results such as profitability, sales, market penetration, distribution, staff morale and market share are measured against the initial client brief.

Read about the recipients here

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