Christian Democrats put emphasis on human rights in Kashmir

OSLO, May 9 (APP): The Party Congress of the Norwegian Christian Democrats (KrF) has urged the Norwegian government to play a crucial role by urging both India and Pakistan to resolve decades‑old Kashmir dispute. “The conflict in Kashmir has been in a dead‑lock for 60 years, and Norway should offer to take the role as a mediator and put more pressure on the parties of the conflict to reach a final solution,” Deputy Chair of the KrF Inger Lise Hansen (photo) said in a party release.

Hansen  mentioned Kashmir as one of the important conflicts that need to be solved and where human right violations abounds. The congress  has also adopted the party’s political program ahead of the parliamentary elections in September.

The proposed text for the program includes a chapter on Kashmir said: “The conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir during the last 60 years has led to a number of wars between two countries that are now both nuclear powers. Distinguished leaders in Kashmir have asked Norway to take the role of mediator in the conflict. The Christian Democrats wants Norway to offer to take this role, and that Norway works to put greater pressure on the parties to reach a final solution to the conflict.”

As there were no propositions to change this chapter in the program, it was included as the official policy of the Christian Democratic party’s program. Meanwhile, Executive Director Kashmir Scandinavian Council (KSC) Sardar Ali Shahnawaz Khan has welcomed the decision taken by the Party Congress of The Norwegian Christian Democrats.

Shahnawaz said the decision reflects the will of Norwegian/Scandinavian parties that the international community is well aware of Kashmir issue. Terming the statement on Kashmir issue as encouraging, he said that it was indicative of the fact that civilized world was taking interest in the settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

The APHC chairman Mirwaiz Umer Farooq also lauded the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party’s consistent interest in Kashmir. The increasing global interest in the resolution of Kashmir issue indicates that Kashmir is considered a key to resolve all intriguing problems, he said. In his message, he also appreciated Kashmiri Scandinavian Council’s efforts to highlight Kashmir issue in the Europe. 


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