Norwegian beavers to Scotland




Eleven beavers from Telemark in Norway have arrived in Scotland, as part of a historic plan by the Scottish Wildlife Trust to reintroduce the mammals to Scotland for the first time in more than 400 years.

Simon Jones, from the Scottish Beaver Trial, said: “Beavers are native to Britain but were hunted to extinction over 400 years ago”. He says beavers hold the potential to create new wetland habitats which in turn increases the appeal to other native species.

However, according to BBC, the scheme has not been without controversy: The Association of Salmon Fishery Boards has called the project “recklessly irresponsible” and asked ministers to block further releases until the impact on fish stocks can be assessed.

The beavers spent six months in quarantine before being released. The Scottish Natural Heritage will conduct scientific monitoring to assess the environmental impact of the beavers.

Source: Norway Post / NRK/BBC.

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