Norwegian 75

A refreshing cocktail for Syttende Mai—skål!

norwegian 75

The Norwegian 75 is a delectable mix of champagne and aquavit with lingonberry flavor.

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The Norwegian American

Looking for a Norwegian twist on a classic cocktail for Norwegian Constitution Day? This easy and refreshing Norwegian 75 is a delicious Scandinavian take on that iconic champagne cocktail known as the French 75.

A bright and citrusy concoction of fresh lemon juice, aquavit, lingonberry preserves, and sparkling wine, this rosy-hued, Nordic berry-infused cocktail is sure to get your evening started on a festive Scandinavian note!

Norwegian 75

mason jar

Short of a cocktail shaker, you can use a simple Mason’s jar to shake up your Norwegian 75.

Kristi Bissell


3 tbsps. fresh lemon juice

6 tbsps. aquavit

2 tbsps. lingonberry jam

Ice cubes for shaking

½ cup dry sparkling wine or champagne

Frozen lingonberries or a twist of lemon peel for garnish optional


Combine lemon juice, aquavit, and lingonberry jam in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Shake vigorously.

Strain into two champagne flutes, dividing the mixture evenly between the glasses.

Top with sparkling wine or champagne.

Garnish with lingonberries or lemon peel if desired.

Serve and enjoy—skål!

This article originally appeared in the May 6, 2022, issue of The Norwegian American.

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