Norwegian 101: Hangers (Kleshengere)

Heidi Håvan Grosch Sparbu, Norway It is normal (det er normalt), although some of us don’t do it all the time (ikke gjør det hele tiden), to hang up our clothes (å henge opp klærne våre) on hangers (kleshengere). Lately (i det siste) I have become fascinated (har jeg blitt fascinert) by wooden hangers (trehengere); how they are made (hvordan de er laget) and how they have been used (hvordan de har blitt brukt) for advertising (som reklame). Since plastic hangers (plast­hengere) have become more popular (blitt mer populære), you can often find (ofte finne) wooden ones in used stores or in the back of somebody’s closet (bak i noens skap). I was also fascinated by (jeg ble også fascinert av) the way these hangers were put toget
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