Norway’s red-green government to continue

Photo: Labor Party's Flickr page.

“We have received the voters’ confidence to govern for another four years. With a red-green majority in Parliament we intend to renew and intensify our policy. We shall respect the confidence shown to us,” says Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

The Prime Minister expresses his gratitude to party leaders Liv Signe Navarsete of the Centre Party and Kristin Halvorsen of the Socialist Left Party, for their cooperation during the last four years and for their joint efforts during the election campaign for a continued cooperation in government.

”We will now sit down to form an ambitious policy for the coming four years, where safe employment, better schools and focus on care of the elderly and climate will be central areas”, Mr. Stoltenberg says.

In yesterday’s elections the Labor Party, the Centre Party and the Socialist Left Party won a total of 86 seats in Parliament (Storting), while the non-socialist parties secured 83 of the 169 seats.

The last Norwegian government to keep its majority after an election was Per Borten’s coalition government in 1969.


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