Norway’s oldest woman has died

Photo: Kjell Solbakken, Harstad Tidende

Jenny Ida Sofie Hanssen was Norway’s oldest woman. The 109-year-old died on Maundy Thursday.

Jenny Ida Sofie Hanssen died at 07.00 AM on Maundy Thursday, Jenny’s youngest daughter, Anne-Elise Norheim confirms. On the 30. of April, Jenny Ida Sofie Hanssen would have been 110 years old.

“Jenny had a book of christian texts (andaktsbok) which she read a verse from every day. In that book, she has written down that she fell ill for the first time April 9. 1994. She died on the same date 15 years later,” daughter Anne-Elise Nordheim says to

Since December last year, Jenny from Gratangen was the oldest person in the country. She was born on April 30. 1899 and lived through the turns of two centuries and equally as many World Wars. She was 6 years old when the union between Sweden and Norway was dissolved, and 46 years old when the Second World War ended.

When Jenny a couple of years ago was asked how one gets to become that old, she said: – Healthy and nutricious food, and hard labour. No one is harmed by working and using their body.

By Sindre Eidissen Engelstad Norway Post  – Source: Harstad Tidende

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