Lofoten stays off-limits …for now

The Norwegian Coalition has agreed on a new platform ("Soria Moria II") for their politics over the next four years. Photo: Norwegian Government's Flickr Page.

The newly-elected Norwegian government today ruled out opening the Lofoten and Vesteraalen areas to exploration until 2013 at the earliest, reports Upstream Online.

In a statement released today, the Labor-led government said that it would not open the areas, off northern Norway, “during this parliamentary period”.

Elections are held every four years in Norway, effectively keeping the Lofoten and Vesteraalen off limits to the petroleum industry until at least 2013.

However, Oslo will continue to gather data, with an einvironmental impact assessment of exporation and production work in the Nordland VI and VII and Troms II areas planned in connection with next year’s resources management plan.

For the full story and expert analysis of the deep political divide behind Norway’s decision, go to this week’s edition of Upstream.

Source: Upstreamonline.com

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