Norway’s Film Budget Up NOK50 Million

Photo: Norwegian Film Institute (Norsk Filminstitutt)

On Oct. 13, Norway’s Culture Minister Trond Giske announced that the total allocation for film in 2010 will reach NOK625 million ($ 112 mill) up NOK50 million ($9 mill) from 2009. This represents the biggest increase ever of state support to film.

More than half the total budget for film (NOK368 million) will be earmarked towards audiovisual production. The increased resources will also go towards the upgrading of the screening room at Oslo’s Film House and to regional film centres that will receive a total budget of NOK42.3 million for 2010, up by NOK5 million from 2009. Another NOK 3 million will be invested into computer games.

Since 2005, under Giske’s influence, the Norwegian government has increased its support to the local film industry by almost NOK200 million.

The goal is for the sector to meet the objectives set in the government’s White Paper on Film which includes a 25% market share for Norwegian films, international recognition of Norwegian films at world festivals, more diversity in film, and film culture accessible throughout Norway.

The overall objective for the Norwegian government and Norway’s Culture Minister is to make Norway a leader in film within the Nordic region.

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