Norway unions and employers reach wage agreement


LO's leader Roar Flåthen. Photo: Trond Isaksen

LO's leader Roar Flåthen. Photo: Trond Isaksen

Norwegian labour unions and employers have reached a wage agreement. There will be a general wage increase of NOK 1 per hour, and an extra NOK 1 to the lowest paid workers.

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) said they were pleased with the agreement, which cut wage growth from 5.6 percent in last year’s settlement, reports Reuters.

The general wage increase adds up to NOK 2000 per year. The workers with the lowest wages, below 90 percent of an average industrial worker’s wage, get NOK 1 extra. The 1 crown general rise will mean about $297.9 per year per worker,  said LO in a statement. 

“The result is in line with LO’s demands and ensures that all members to get good wage growth and that extra pay above all benefits low-paid employees and many women,” said LO’s leader Roar Flåthen.

NHO’s chief Finn Bergesen said the wage growth was “reasonable” and would help securing jobs. “The situation in the economy formed the backdrop for this year’s negotiations,” said NHO.

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