Norway to spend NOK 1.2 billion on new satellite

The Norwegian Defence plans to buy a share of a new satellite, with the aim to improve communications with Norwegian forces deployed in countries like Afghanistan and Chad, and with naval units on international missions, reports Norway Post

Norway has entered into cooperation with Spain to acquire such a satellite, and the Government will put a proposal before the Parliament (Storting) sometime this fall.

The share in the Spanish satellite is estimated to cost NOK 1.2 billion, plus operating costs,  according to Aftenposten.

“In order to achieve a stabile and effective monitoring of Norwegian inerests, and be able to handle incidents quickly and in a credible way, good communications are a must,” the Defence Department states in a press release.

“The joint project will ensure secure and robust broadband communications via satellite until 2027,” the statement says.

At present the Norwegian Defence is leasing satellite capacity.

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