Norway takes over the WSC torch

Oslo and Ski-VM 2011 have now taken over the World Ski Championships (WSC) torch. The occasion was marked in ceremonious fashion in Liberec.

Old Holmenkollen. Photo:

Ski-VM 2011, in cooperation with Oslo Municipality and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prague, hosted a reception at the Liberec City Hall on the Feb. 25 for around 150 invited guests. 

At the reception speeches and treats from Norwegian and Czech culture and sports were enjoyed, as well as a small promotion movie for Oslo 2011, created by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

“We are looking forward to taking over the torch. To host a World Ski Championships in Oslo gives us a unique opportunity to maintain our country’s standing as a skiing and spectator nation. Ski sports are after all a part of our cultural heritage. Besides, we are very proud to show the world our top modern ski arena

Åsne Havnelid.

Åsne Havnelid. Photo:

and the world’s most spectacular ski jumping hill,” said Åsne Havnelid, CEO of Ski-VM 2011.  

Among the guests were representatives from FIS, the Norwegian Ski Federation, athletes, trainers, the organizational committee, the Liberec Municipality and sponsors.

Svein Aaser, Chairman of Ski-VM 2011, also took part in the official closing ceremony in Liberec, where he welcomed the ski-elite and TV viewers around the world to Holmenkollen in February and March 2011. 


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