Norway provides emergency relief after earthquake in Chile

Norway is giving NOK 10 million in emergency relief to victims of the earthquake in Chile.

Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim commented: “The extensive damage in Chile shows once again just how powerful the forces of nature can be. A large proportion of the population is affected. Many are in a very difficult situation. We want to demonstrate our solidarity with the Chilean people.”

Chile has frequently been hit by earthquakes, and is well prepared. The country actively strives to prevent the most serious consequences of natural disasters. Immediately after the earthquake, the Chilean authorities took control of the relief efforts.

“Despite the extent of the damage, it is clear that the Chileans’ emergency response and disaster risk reduction efforts are effective. They have made it possible to prevent the most serious consequences such a violent earthquake could have had. Without these efforts, the death rate could have been much higher,” said Mr Solheim.

Norway’s funding will be channeled through the Norwegian Red Cross and to other efforts where the Chilean authorities have requested support.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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