Norway Orders Sting Ray Torpedoes

BAE Systems recently announced that the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) has selected BAE Systems Sting Ray MOD 1 lightweight torpedo for its Norwegian Antisubmarine Torpedo (NAT) program.

The $125 million contract, won in competition against other leading defence companies.

These pump-jet propelled, autonomous active-homing 324mm torpedoes will arm Norway’s new Fridtjof Nansen Class AEGIS frigates, NH90 NFH Anti Submarine Warfare helicopters, and its P-3C Orion maritime patrol planes. Fridtjof Nansen is unofficially considered to be the flag ship of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Commenting on the success, Rory Fisher, Managing Director of BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies said “I am delighted that Norway has decided to select Sting Ray Mod 1, which is widely recognised as one of the world’s most sophisticated lightweight torpedo weapon systems.  We can now set about delivering our commitments in programme delivery and ensure we become the dependable partner of choice for our Norwegian customer.”

This is the first export success for the upgraded Stingray MOD 1, which improves the torpedo’s capabilities in cluttered shallow waters, and has been in production for the UK since 2003.

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