Norway Leads European Cinema Admission Increase

Kristoffer Joner (Kai Koss, KK) in the new Norwegian thriller Skjult (Hidden). The movie is currently the 4th on the top 20 list.

The 9.9% rise in attendance registered last year by Norwegian cinemas was the largest in Europe, according to statistics published by Paris-based International Union of Cinemas (UNIC).

In 2008 Norwegian theatres reached 11,869,449 admissions against 10,800.000 in 2007. Closest competitor was Denmark, with a 8.2% increase (up from 12,100,000 to 13,119,000), while Greece reported of a 12.5% audience drop.

”Strong results are typically due to successful local films,” said UNIC, representing 28,000 screens in 17 countries, selling 900 million tickets annually. Last year Norway was No 3 on the list – from the bottom – after a 10.0% decrease.


Click here to view the top 20 in Norway.

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