Norway launches major seafood campaign

A piece of dried salted cod. Photo:

A piece of dried salted cod. Photo:

Norwegian cod and salmon exporters plan to invest EUR 3.5 million in pitching their products to the Portuguese market this year.

Oyvind Jensen, Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC) representative in Portugal, says the investment will go towards broadcast and other media exposure of the Norwegian products in Portugal.

“[The money] is part of a government package favouring the marketing of Norwegian Sea products, a measure considered vital as the crisis wears on,” he explained.

Of the total to be invested by the Nordic country, EUR 3 million and EUR 500,000 will be allocated to marketing Norwegian codfish and salmon, respectively.

Cod consumption grew 23 per cent in Portugal in the first two months of the year; however, its price fell 11 per cent, Jensen remarked.

“The Portuguese consume much more cod, which is a highly competitive and valued product, and the price dropped a little, a trend observed in all food products,” he indicated.

Unlike Portugal, cod consumption has fallen in other European markets, like those of the UK and France, Jensen emphasised.

NSEC trusts the new promotional campaign will lead to a boost in cod sales to Portugal, Lusa reports.

Portugal continues to be the main market for the Norway-sourced dried salted cod in accounting for sales worth EUR 100 million in 2008. However, its imports fell EUR 8 million from 2007.

Last year, Portugal imported 39,000 tonnes of cod from Norway. In 2007, it had purchased 40,700 tonnes, and in 2006, 32,000 tonnes.

Salmon consumption surged 30 per cent in Portugal between January and February 2009, the Council indicated.


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