Norway joins European co-production convention

Nina Refseth, Head of the Norwegian Film Institute.

Norway has signed the European co-production convention, the 40th country to do so.

The Norwegian film industry has long pushed for the government to sign the convention.

Minister of culture Trond Giske told Daily Variety, that the delay was caused by rules in the country’s film support system, which had to changed before the convention could be signed.

“My goal is that Norway should be the leading film country in Scandinavia,” Giske said.

Norwegian Film Institute chief executive Nina Refseth said earlier this year: “For Norwegian filmmakers, the endorsement of the convention will be an opening to the international markets. It will be much simpler for them to co-produce with other countries, but also much simpler for foreign producers to co-produce with Norway.”

So far, it’s been a problem for Norwegian producers to find production partners in Europe – outside the Nordic region. With the Convention in place, it will be much easier, and it will make Norwegian producers more attractive for minority co-productions.

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