Norway invests in Arctic research and High North policy

As part of its strategy on the High North and the Arctic, Norway will establish a new Centre on Climate and Environmental research in Tromsø, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said today. In addition, the country will acquire a new icebreaking research vessel for the Arctic, reports The Barents Observer.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg. Photo: Regjeringen / SMK

Prime Minister Stoltenberg. Photo: Regjeringen / SMK

The new initiatives were presented by Mr. Stoltenberg in a press conference in Tromsø on March 12.

Together with four cabinet ministers, the prime minister presented the government’s new High North document named New Building Stones in the North.

On March 11, the Barents Observer reported that he Norwegian government will allocate 200 million NOK (22,5 mill EUR) to a new innovation programme for northern Norway, government sources confirm.
The money is to be spent mainly within marine industries, energy, tourism, mineral industries, tele-medicine and space technology, the newspaper writes. Small and medium-sized companies will get a major part of the money.
The High North is Norway’s most important strategic priority area in the years ahead. Norway’s High North policy is intended to protect the environment, maintain settlement patterns and promote business development. The Government will further develop cooperation with Russia and our other partners in the north. Read more about The Norwegian Government Hight North Policy on
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