Norway hands over Arctic chairmanship to Denmark

Now the Kingdom of Denmark is the new chair of the Arctic World. This means sustainable development in the region



The Kingdom of Denmark which includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland has taken over the Chairmanship in the Arctic Council. Wednesday, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Per Stig Møller took the chairmanship after Norway.

Mr. Møller highlighted the Arctic Councils role in securing a sustainable development in the Arctic Region:

“A primary objective of our chairmanship is to secure a strong platform for the Arctic Council. In the present dynamics of a changing Arctic we must safeguard continued sustainable development in this region. A forward looking approach in the Arctic will have to rest upon the political framework of the Arctic Council.

Not least as a result of climate change the world’s attention is directed to the Arctic region, and the possibilities it presents. It this new setting it will be of major importance for the Arctic Council to safeguard the inherent cultural, economic and political rights of the peoples and the Nations in the Arctic. The human dimension remains at the core of Arctic Council work. Developments in the Arctic – for good or for bad – directly influence life and living conditions for the Arctic populations. During our chairmanship we will continue to work together to develop tools for a better future for the peoples of the Arctic. Human health will be a priority issue in this respect.”

The Role as SAO Chair is given to Ambassador Lars Møller.

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