Norwegian Ambassador fears EU isolation

Oda Helen Sletnes, Norwegian Ambassador to the EU Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Oda Helen Sletnes, Norwegian Ambassador to the EU. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Non-EU member Norway is growing increasingly frustrated over its lack of influence over Brussels’ decision making process, reports the EU Observer.

Norway’s ambassador to the European Union, Oda Helen Sletnes, has written in a report saying Oslo’s interests are getting harder to defend, as the EU is expanding its competences beyond Norway’s participation.

In the report, Sletnes said Norway cannot keep up with the EU’s fast and continuous transformation, and she warns that Norway faces increasing isolation from the rest of Europe.

Norway belongs to the EU Internal Market and automatically adopts all legislation relating to it. Norway has a veto right over some areas, but has never used it writes the EU Observer.

Norwegians rejected EU membership twice, in 1972 and 1994.

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