Norway doubles its aid to Haiti

“Haiti’s people still needs our help. The UN has so far received only half of what it has requested. That’s why we will double the Norwegian contribution to humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti,” said Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Norway’s contribution to Haiti now stands at NOK 200 million (USD 35 million).

“The aid work is thankfully in full swing and many are receiving the help they need. However, we must continue to contribute so that the aid doesn’t stop and so we can reach even more people,” the Prime Minister said.

The United Nations and several humanitarian organisations from around the world contribute to Haiti. Air traffic is increasing, logistics is improving and the coordination of contributions is underway. Food, medicine and aid personnel are continuously arriving. The security situation is currently stable, despite episodes of looting and violence. The UN contribution involves, among other things, putting people to work. Mobilising Haiti’s population in the relief efforts is important and it is crucial that local people participate in the continuing relief efforts.

“Protection of women and children is very important. We know that already vulnerable groups become even more vulnerable after natural disasters. The Norwegian contributions go to the UN and other organisations involved in aid work,” the Prime Minister said.

The increase in the Norwegian contribution of 100 million (USD 17.5 million)  will be channelled through the UN, the Red Cross and other humanitarian organisations. Those recieving new contributions include UNICEF, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and UNFPA which works with the protection of women and maternal health.

Source: Norway’s Mission to the United Nations

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