Norway consumer group irate over Kindle

Norway’s Consumer Council put pressure on Apple several years ago for “tying” the music from its iTunes Store to its iPods. Now, the group is worried about the same issue with Amazon’s Kindle, and it says an “iTunes2” complaint could be coming, writes Nate Anderson for

Norway’s Consumer Council, Forbrukerrådet, made a name for itself back in 2006 by going after Apple’s iTunes Store with a vengeance.

Now, it’s eyeing Amazon and has expressed concerns about the Kindle’s terms of service—some of which will sound familiar from the iTunes saga.

In a critique published on its website, Council head Hans Marius Graasvold said that the fine print in the Kindle’s contract violated several provisions of Norwegian consumer protection law.

For one thing, it establishes a bond between the content that a person buys and their Kindle—much as Apple used DRM for years to tie iTunes and the iPod.

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