Norway celebrates Labor Day

Today, Friday May 1 is Labor Day in Norway, a public holiday with parades and speeches. 

By Rolleiv Solholm – Norway Post

Labor Day begins with the hoisting of the flag at the town town square or another public spot, followed by parades and speeches, often by prominent Labor Party politicians, and with the placing of a wreath at a war memorial or other monument. It is a sort of practice day for May 17th, which of course is Norway’s Birthday, our Constitution Day. Since May 1, Labor Day this year is on a Friday, many also took Thursday afternoon off, to make a long weekend of it, and took off for their muntain or seaside cabin. This resulted in long line-up of cars heading out of Oslo and the other larger cities around the country. They were spurred on by the promise of beautiful weather, and May 1st certainly turned out to be another beautiful spring day in Southern Norway, with temperatures up around 20 degrees Celsius in places.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg speaks at Younstorget in Oslo on May 1. Photo from Jens Stolentberg's FaceBook Profile.

Youngstorget was packed on May 1. Photo from Jens Stolentberg's FaceBook Profile.


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