Norway and Brazil Sign Bilateral Agreement

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS) and the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation (DHN) of the Brazilian Navy have signed a bilateral agreement to formalize the exchange of data, services, and sharing of expertise in the field of hydrography.

This agreement will enhance international maritime safety and protection of the environment and to avoid duplication of efforts between the participants.

As a result of this agreement, Brazil now becomes a member of the PRIMAR regional ENC coordinating centre (RENC) operated by the NHS and will make the Brazilian ENCs directly available through the PRIMAR ENC service.  Currently the ENC coverage in the Brazilian waters consists of 94 ENC cells.

Gerry Larsson‐Fedde, the Norwegian hydrographer, stated: “This important agreement means that PRIMAR is now able to release the Brazilian ENCs directly. Brazil is a key partner for PRIMAR and this cooperation will contribute significantly to our efforts to harmonize ENCs globally and enhance our joint knowledge of ENC quality” .

PRIMAR is a worldwide ENC service operated by the NHS on a non-profit basis. Its core aim is to provide the maritime community, through authorised distributors, with an ENC service recognised for its quality, user-friendliness and overall contribution to marine safety and efficiency at a global level.


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