Norsk 101: Dronning Sonja Sangkonkurranse

Queen Sonja Singing Competition

Norsk Singing Jasmin White

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In 2023, contralto Jasmin White from the United States was the winner of the Queen Sonja Singing Competition.

Christie Ericson
Anchorage, Alaska

Mange vet at Norge deltar i (Many know that Norway participates in the) Eurovision Song Contest hvert år (every year), men det er også en musikkonkurranse i Oslo (but there is also a music competition in Oslo) som kanskje ikke er like kjent (that is perhaps not as well known), men like prestisjefylt (but just as prestigious). 

Dronning Sonja Sangkonkurranse (The Queen Sonja Singing Competition), tidligere Dronning Sonja Internasjonale Musikkonkurranse (formerly the Queen Sonja International Music Competition), er en musikkonkurranse (is a music competition) for unge, nyutdannete sangere innen opera og klassisk musikk (for young, newly trained singers in opera and classical music).

Konkurransen ble stiftet (The competition was founded) som et samarbeidsprosjekt (as a collaborative project) mellom norske musikk- og kulturinstitusjoner (between Norwegian music and cultural institutions). Formålet var å skape (The purpose was to create) en internasjonal musikkarena i Norge (an international music arena in Norway) som kunne synliggjøre unge musikkutøvere (that could highlight young musicians), og fremme norsk musikkliv i utlandet (and promote Norwegian music life abroad).

Den første konkurransen ble avholdt for pianister i 1988 (The first competition was held for pianists in 1988). I 1995 ble det bestemt at konkurranse bare skulle ha sangere (In 1995 it was decided that the competition should have only singers). I 2023,ble navnet endret til Dronning Sonja Sangkonkurranse (In 2023 the name was changed to the Queen Sonja Singing Competition). 

Konkurransen avholdes i Oslo annethver år (The competition is held in Oslo every other year) og er åpen for sangere opptil 32 år (and is open to singers up to 32 years of age). Rundt 40 sangere fra hele verden inviteres til (Around 40 singers from around the world are invited to) de innledende rundene av konkurransen (the preliminary rounds of the competition). Tolv sangere går videre til semifinalen (Twelve singers go on to the semi-finals), og til slutt velges seks finalister (and finally six finalists are chosen) som opptrer under finalekonserten i (who will perform during the final concert at) Den Norske Opera & Ballett (the Norwegian Opera and Ballet). 

Hennes Majestet Dronning Sonja (Her Majesty Queen Sonja) er veldig interessert i musikk (is very interested in music) og er sterkt involvert i konkurransen (and is heavily involved in the competition). Dronningen er til stede under finalekonserten (The Queen is present during the final concert) og overrekker selv prisene (and personally presents the prizes), som inkluderer et signert grafisk trykk laget av Dronningen (which include a signed graphic print made by the queen). 

Jasmin White, kontraalt fra USA (contralto from the United States) vant førsteprisen i 2023 (won first prize in 2023). Neste konkurranse arrangeres i Oslo i august 2025 (The next competition will be held in Oslo in August 2025).


This article originally appeared in the April 2024 issue of The Norwegian American.

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