No holiday slowdown of seafood exports in Norway

Photo: Bjørn Winsnes /

Photo: Bjørn Winsnes /

Despite July being the peak holiday season in Norway, there was definitely no slowdown in the seafood sector, reports Seafood From Norway.

With seafood exports in July totalling NOK 3.3 billion, growth is an impressive 28% compared with 2008. For the 4th month in a row, the value of Norwegian seafood exports stood at NOK 3.3 billion, according to the latest figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

“The main reason for this positive trend is the strong demand for Norwegian salmon in a number of markets,” explains Egil Ove Sundheim, director of market information with the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. “This is attributable to customers in key markets continuing to consume salmon despite the adverse economic climate, as well as to less competition from other salmon producers. The July figures were also influenced by the relative weakness of the Norwegian krone compared to July 2008.”

In the first seven months of this year Norwegian seafood exports totalled NOK 23.8 billion, up by NOK 3.7 billion on the same period last year. Never before has the value of Norwegian seafood exports equalled the figures seen this year, both for the month of July and for the first seven months of the year.

Norwegian salmon and trout exports leap to new heights

Exports of Norwegian salmon and Norwegian Fjord Trout have leaped to new heights this summer. In July, exports of Norwegian salmon totalled 55,000 tonnes, equal to 2,200 fully loaded road trains rolling across the borders of Norway, earning for Norway a total of NOK 2.1 billion. This is no less than NOK 721 million or 50% more than in July 2008. The average price for fresh whole Norwegian salmon was NOK 36.7, with France, Poland and Russia topping the list of countries buying the most Norwegian salmon.

Prices for Norwegian Fjord Trout have also been good. The most important product, fresh whole Norwegian Fjord Trout, cost close to NOK 36 on average at the Norwegian border. Despite quantities being down compared to 2008, the good prices have seen the value of exports of Norwegian Fjord Trout in July total NOK 182 million, some NOK 40 million up on the same month last year.

Low season for herring and mackerel fishing

Summer is a relatively quiet season for herring and mackerel fishing and, even though the most important products are frozen, this is reflected in the export statistics. Exports of herring in July totalled NOK 110 million, slightly up on the same month last year. This year to date, herring exports have totalled NOK 2.2 billion, an increase of 27% compared to the same period last year.

More salted fish in July

Exports of salted cod (both whole and filleted) in July totalled NOK 43 million, equal to 1,350 tonnes. By comparison, in July 2008 exports totalled 497 tonnes and were valued at NOK 21 million. This year to date, the value of exports has shown a decline of 60%.

Exports of clipfish in July totalled NOK 213 million, an increase of 56% compared to July last year. For the year to date, the value of clipfish exports is 10% up on last year, with saithe clipfish accounting for much of the increase.

This year to date, exports of stockfish are almost NOK 100 million up on the same period last year. However, July showed a break in this trend with a decline in exports of 18% compared to July 2008. This is primarily attributable to less volume and lower prices for exports to Italy, the most important market for cod stockfish.


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