New White Paper on research


In the new White Paper on research ”Climate for Research”, the Norwegian government emphasises that public research spending will continue to increase. Furthermore, Norwegian research policy will be defined by nine research policy goals. The Government emphasizes that research should contribute to meet societal and global challenges like climate change.

Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland. Poto by Stig Weston.

Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland. Poto by Stig Weston.

Continuing the strong growth in research spending that we have seen during this Government, public R&D-expenditure will reach about one per cent of GDP by the end of the next parliamentary period. In the White paper the Government stresses that it will “continue to increase research spending in the years to come”.

“To an even greater degree, Norwegian research will contribute to Norway’s ability to face significant societal challenges and to the shift to a greener knowledge-based economy. However, research is not merely validated through a perspective of usefulness, research is also about developing ourselves and society,” says Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland.

Nine goals for Norwegian Research

The future research budgets will be modelled to support nine goals for Norwegian research policy. Five of these are thematic and concern facing global challenges, further developing our welfare state and providing a strong basis for industry and innovation. Four of the goals are overarching and concern high quality, increased internationalization, more cooperation and a successful and efficient research sector.

“The overarching goals will work to support the five thematic goals and contribute to develop Norway as a nation of knowledge and culture,” says Aasland.


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