New programme to promote Indo-Norwegian research cooperation

An “Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of Norway on Cooperation in the Fields of Science and Technology” was signed on 14 November 2006. Under this Agreement a “Programme of Cooperation” defining areas of research cooperation was signed 14. May 2009. The White Paper No. 30 (2008-2009) to the Storting, Climate for Research, identifies India as one of Norway’s prioritised partners for research cooperation. The Norwegian Government’s Strategy for Cooperation between India and Norway (2009), Opportunities in diversity, emphasises that research cooperation is to be strengthened and supports efforts within the other priority areas in the Strategy.

The Programme for Research Cooperation with India (INDNOR) has been established to promote collaboration on research and research funding between India and Norway. The Programme is part of the effort to enhance the internationalisation of Norwegian research. Activities in specified thematic priority areas under the programme will be carried out in cooperation with the relevant thematic research programmes of the Research Council of Norway. The programme will enable the Research Council to negotiate joint financing of Indo-Norwegian research cooperation with the Indian authorities. It will facilitate the integration of Indo-Norwegian research cooperation in the Research Council’s programmes and activities and enhance research collaboration.

To ensure concrete collaboration between the Norwegian and Indian research communities, The Research Council are launching two calls for proposals. Both are within the framework of the INDNOR-programme.

Regarding the first call The Department of Science and Technology (DST) and The Research Council of Norway (RCN) invite Indian and Norwegian scientists / researchers to submit proposals for cooperative research projects in the research fields Climate research including CCS (carbon capture and storage), renewable energy including solar energy, geotechnology and early warning systems for geohazards and Nano-science/ technology related to renewable energy.

For the second call support is available for Indo-Norwegian joint research projects and project-related visits, exchange of researchers, workshops and pilot projects of high scientific quality that have a potential for longer high-quality research collaboration. This call is addressing the following areas of research: International political issues, climate, the environment, clean energy and social development.

Source: The Research Council of Norway

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