New Nature Diversity Act will secure Norway’s natural environment


Photo: Tore Wuttudal/Samfoto.

Photo: Tore Wuttudal/Samfoto.

A proposal for a new Nature Diversity Act signals a new era in Norwegian nature management.

When the natural environment is threatened, the authorities will have a duty to respond with appropriate measures, writes Regjeringen. The new act provides rules for the sustainable use and protection of the natural environment. This means new tools for safeguarding nature, not only within, but also protected areas. “This is the most important law on nature that has ever been proposed in Norway,” says Environment and Development Minister Erik Solheim. The Act will apply both on land and at sea. 


“We now propose a very modern Act which will give us the ability to fulfill our commitment to halt the loss of natural diversity both nationally and internationally ,” says Solheim, who characterizes the Act as historic.

One key point is that the Act will work together with other statutes regulating the use of Norway’s natural environment, for instance land use for transport, energy and  construction, or the use of natural resources  in forestry, hunting and fisheries. “The Nature Diversity Act therefore imposes on all areas of society a great responsibility to make the law work,” Solheim says.


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