New Gas arena for Norway


The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) has asked Gassco to lay the basis for establishing a meeting place which brings together industrial enterprises seeking to use natural gas in Norway.

In its mandate to Gassco, the MPE notes that the government’s goal is to facilitate increased use of gas for Norwegian industrial activities.

The ministry accordingly wants an arena where industry with wishes or plans for operations based on this commodity can consult specialists on gas transport, quality and domestic availability.

”Gas distribution in Norway will be discussed in an arena with players who have a genuine interest in using gas for industrial purposes in this country,” says Thor Otto Lohne, the company’s executive vice president for commercial development.

“We must invite players from the whole value chain between field and market to participate in this work.”  He says that Gassco will submit a plan for establishing an arena of this kind to the MPE before the summer holidays begin at the end of June.


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