More female hunters in Norway

A Gordon setter with a grouse, Norway. Photo:

A proud Gordon setter with a grouse in Norway. Photo:

Nearly 8 000 women went out shooting last hunting year, an increase of 4 per cent from the previous hunting year. In total, 6 per cent of the hunters were women, reports Statistic Norway.

In total, 142 500 persons hunted during the last hunting season. Hunting on small game is most common and 64 percent of the hunters participated in this kind of hunting in 2008/2009. Small game hunting is being practised all over the country.

In total, 88 500 hunters hunted cervids in the autumn of 2008. This is an increase of 2 600 hunters from the previous year. In Norway, hunting on cervids includes moose, roe deer, red deer and wild reindeer. Most of the increase is caused by more red deer hunters. Since the beginning of the 1990’s the felling quota as well as the number of felled red deer has strongly increased.

SSB also reports that it was record low grouse felling. In total, 225 thousand grouse were felled in the hunting year 2008/2009. This is a decrease of 30 per cent from the previous hunting year, and the registered number of felled grouse has never been lower. The yield decreased in nearly all counties.


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