More catch – less value

Norwegian vessels delivered 2.5 million tonnes of fish, crustaceans and mollusks in 2009, up 4 percent compared with 2008. The landed value amounted to NOK 11.1 billion, down 8 percent from the previous year

The catch of herring in 2009 turned out 4 percent higher than the year before, and amounted to 42 percent of the total catch. The landed value of the herring decreased by 5 percent and came to NOK 2.7 billion, corresponding to 24 percent of the total landed value in 2009.

The cod catch came to 242,000 tonnes, with a value of NOK 2.8 billion. This accounted for 10 percent of the total catch quantity and 25 percent of the total catch value. Measured by the landed value of catch, cod fishing was the most important of fisheries.

A small amount of the landed fish has not yet been sold. Therefore, the value of the total catch is expected to increase slightly as these sales are registered.

A total of 82 percent of the catch was used for consumption, while 18 percent was used for the production of meal, oil, animal feed etc. Almost the entire catch of sand eel, Norway pout and blue whiting was used in this production in 2009.

Foreign vessels delivered 305,000 tonnes of fish and crustaceans in Norway in 2009. The total value of the foreign landings was NOK 1.9 billion.

The statistics are based on data from the Directorate of Fisheries. More information is available on the Directorate of Fisheries’ website.

Source: Statistics Norway

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