Norway to spend more money on asylum seekers

More than 13,379 people have sought asylum in Norway so far this year. This is as many as the entire number from last year.

Norway’s expenses in connection with asylum reception centers, immigration and integration will next year amount to NOK 11.5 billion, according to the proposed budget for 2010. This is an increase by NOK 2 billion compared with this year.

Key figures per 01.01.2009 from Statistics Norway

There are 423 000 immigrants and 86 000 Norwegian-born persons with immigrant parents living in Norway. Together these two groups represent 10.6 per cent of Norway’s population. Immigrants and Norwegian-born persons with immigrant parents are represented in all Norwegian municipalities. Oslo has the largest proportion with 26 per cent, or 152 000 people. 47 per cent of all the immigrants come from Asia, Africa or Latin-America. 2 in 10 immigrants have lived in Norway for more than 20 years, and 4 in 10 have lived here for 4 years or less. 57 per cent of all Norwegian-born persons with immigrant parents have parents with an Asian background. Sixteen per cent are 20 years or older.

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