Moods of Norway Store now open in Los Angeles


From left: Peder Børresen, Stefan Dahlkvist and Simen Staalnacke; the cocktail-swinging trio and equally talented designers/owners of the internationally renowned lifestyle brand, Moods of Norway. Photo courtesy of Moods of Norway LA.

The internationally renowned lifestyle brand, Moods of Norway, launched its U.S. flagship store in LA on May 16. 

The Beverly Hills destination is based on Moods of Norway’s Norwegian stores which are all designed by the three owners.

Half of the store looks like an old Norwegian cottage featuring a life-size gold lacquered tractor and the walls are decorated with everything from old waffle irons and Simen’s grandfather’s skis – all in a surreal mix of happy clothes for happy people.

In addition to the design office in a secret layer behind the store, the location will feature on-going events – everything from paper airplane competitions to waffle Wednesdays.

The store design is a result of the Moods of Norway elements and help from the Los Angeles-based store designer Scott Oster.

About Moods of Norway

In the creative cellars of the picturesque town of Stryn, Norway (pop. 6750), two local designers Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen, upon homecoming from years of global travels, nights of sizzling cocktails, and international studies; gave birth to a concept soon to be known, worn, and adored, as The Moods of Norway.

Soon the duo met up with the third musketeer, Stefan Dahlkvist and drew their lines for the coming collections. Their main goal, besides making their grandmas happy, is to make happy clothes for happy people around the world.

As of this golden minute, Moods of Norway is represented in the most polished boutiques and by the finest agents in Norway, Sweden, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and USA with their first U.S. flagship store in Beverly Hills, CA, as of July 2009. Stefan, Peder and Simen are still commandeering golden tractors around the world and are creating outrageous stories and super duper collections at an alarming rate.

The brand still has its headquarters and showroom in the town of Stryn, a magical place known for glaciers, salmon fishing and one newly opened escalator.

Click here to visit Moods of Norway’s new website.

All photos under, from the fun store on 113 South Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, by Berit Hessen.


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