Moods of Norway boat sank at the wharf in Bergen

Here is the boat at the wharf in Bergen. The boat sank completely to the bottom.  Photo: Thorgrim Holte

Here is the boat at the wharf in Bergen. The boat sank completely to the bottom. Photo: Thorgrim Holte

A boat belonging to the fashion makers Moods of Norway is partially submerged at the pier in Bergen.

The police were notified that the pink boat began to sink at about 24:00 this morning.

“The boat is on the bottom, and only part of the wheelhouse is now above water” says operations manager at the Hordaland police district, Terje Hilland, to Dagbladet.

No one on board

He says that the Fire Department sent divers into the boat, but there was none on board.

Half two should get a ferry to hoist up the boat. The ferry is a bit delayed, but it should be on the way now” said Hilland to Dagbladet at 15.20.

Right now the ferry tried to raise the boat, but had problems. According to a Dagbladet photographer, an on-site rescue boat had something in the propeller on the way to raise Moods boat.

Not a PR stunt

The boat came from Stavanger to Bergen on Friday after having been at a store opening in the oil city, according to Bergens Tidende . The plan was that it would be in Bergen rest of the summer.

According to the Dagbladet photographer on site, the ship had problems already in Stavanger. In Bergen, they borrowed electricity from a building under construction, but someone had pulled the plug, so the pumps which pumped the water stopped working.

There have not yet succeeded at Dagbladet to connect with the designers behind the famous Norwegian clothing brand. has received several inquiries from people who think this is a PR stunt, which is rejected by the finance manager and founder Jan Egil Flo.

No, this is by no means a PR stunt. I can promise you. This we would could done without” he told Bergens Tidende

According to NRK ‘s reporter on the spot, oil or fuel leaked from Moods boat, and port authorities have put out booms.

Source: Dagbladet

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