Mongstad Technology Qualification Gets Underway

Statoil and Gassnova are inviting suppliers to take part in a technology qualification programme for full-scale carbon capture at Mongstad.

The project is now extending an open invitation to potential suppliers of capture technologies, and will sign a framework contract with one or more suppliers.

The purpose of the technology qualification programme is to document that the chosen technology can be used at the Mongstad plant, and that it meets all health, safety and environmental requirements.

“It’s important to be fully confident that there will be no health or environmentally hazardous emissions in connection with operations at the capture facility. It must be safe for all who live in the area and who will be working at the plant,” says Statoil’s Kurt Georgsen, who is head of the full-scale project at Mongstad.

The forthcoming technology qualification process has been split into three phases:

  • A feasibility study to show whether the technology can be used at Mongstad
  • A technology qualification programme to show that the process will work and that the emissions will meet stipulated criteria – one in which the suppliers will test their chemical and process technologies
  • A concept phase for the design of a full-scale carbon capture facility customised for Mongstad

“Participation in the programme will give technology suppliers a very good opportunity to document their technologies against the competition through the building of a full-scale facility at Mongstad. The aim is to make an investment decision by 2016 at the latest, in line with the government’s plans,” says Gassnova managing director Bjørn-Erik Haugan.

Source: Maritime & Energy

Published: 07.07.2011

Source: Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

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