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Minister of Education Bård Vegar Solhjell. Photo: Regjeringen.

More lessons at primary school level and free homework assistance for the very youngest pupils, is part of the Ministry of Education and Research plan for 2010.

The ministry is also offereing 5 600 extra higher education places and NOK 350 million for climate research. Public funding for research of almost one percent of gross national product. The Norwegian government will continue the initiatives that were announced in its action plan in January, including efforts to reduce drop-out rates from upper secondary education, the Ministry of Education and Research writes on its website.

“Providing good kindergartens and putting more resources into the first years of school increases pupils’ chances of mastering subjects and completing tasks,” says Minister of Education Bård Vegar Solhjell.

The 2010 budget includes additional resources for improving the quality of kindergartens and for more teachers in years 1-4. Free homework assistance will be given at day care facilities for schoolchildren.

“The government wants to continue its broad investment in important areas of higher education and research. Increasing the number of new higher education places, increasing the Fund for Research and Innovation in order to finance long-term investment in research equipment and prioritising research into climate change are some of the key areas of this year’s budget proposal,” says Tora Aasland, Minister of Research and Higher Education.

The government proposes establishing a knowledge centre for the education sector from 1 January 2011. The Research Council of Norway will be charged with setting up the centre, and NOK 2 million will be allocated from the autumn of 2010 for its preparation work.

The centre will compare and present the results of Norwegian and international educational research. The centre will also be tasked with identifying gaps in our knowledge, and with proposing new areas of research to the Research Council of Norway, academia and the central education authorities.


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