Michelle Obama picks up four Oleana sweaters in Oslo

Oleana cardigan design was picked up by First Lady Michelle Obama. Photo: Oleana

Oleana cardigan design was picked up by First Lady Michelle Obama. Photo: Oleana

Fashion icon Michelle Obama received much attention for her four shift dresses while she was in Oslo with her husband Barack Obama when he received the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10.

“Michelle Obama has set a new standard of how first ladies can dress, ” said the editor of fashion magazine Costume, Vanessa Rudjord, to Dagbladet. Rudjord gave Michelle Obama six stars out of six for three of her Nobel outfits.

Though their visit in Norway was short, the first lady had time to stock up on a few Norwegian design items, including four cardigans from the Norwegian clothing company Oleana.

“We find this all very fun, but it is impossible to say whether this will have an effect on our clothing. But if Michelle is shown in Oleana garments, then we have hit the jackpot,” says Oleana general manager Kolbjørn Valestrand to Dagbladet.

Valestrand explains that the first lady received a selection of Norwegian goods up to their hotel room at the Grand Hotel, and she liked Oleana so much that she asked to see a larger selection. She ended up with four Oleana cardigans.

Valestrand refers to a yellow/green combination, but it is unknown what other jackets the first lady picked up. According to Bergens Tidene, all the cardigans were designed by Solveig Hisdal.

“We are proud that Michelle Obama picked out Oleana. She tends to choose the yellow-green color for her clothing, so we’re not surprised she took that design,” says Valestrand.  “We have heard that she likes the clothes very much.”

Oleana’s factory is located in Espeland near Bergen, but the company exports to distributors in Europe, the United States, and Japan.

“We have received much international attention, but now it has peaked with the world’s biggest fashion icon picking out Oleana,” says Valestrand.

Valestrand believes one of the reasons why Oleana does so well abroad is because the company uses only renewable fiber and environmentally-friendly products.

To learn more about Oleana, visit www.oleana. no.

Source: Dagbladet

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