Meet Salt and Pepper at the Polar Zoo in northern Norway

The albino female cub Salt is having fun at the playground. Photo:

The Polar Zoo is one of northern Norways popular travel destinations and is well known for being the most northern animal park in the world.

Located in the Salangsdalen valley in the Bardu municipality in the county of Troms, the park covers an area of around 275 acres of wild and breath taking nature which serves as a part of the animal enclosures and total experience of visiting the zoo.

Salt and Pepper

Two brown bear cubs were born in Polar Zoo close to the end of January, one male and one female. The two little ones have already made headlines all over the world, mainly since the female is a very rare albino brown bear.

The brown bear cubs are now part of a socializing project taking place in Polar Zoo to increase animal’s welfare in captivity according to Polar Zoo animal welfare politics.

The albino female cub is called Salt while our male is called Pepper, their names originate from the color of their fur.

You can follow the socializing process through the Polar Zoo’s live bear web cam.

Pepper the movie star

Pepper has already stared in the new movie YOHAN, that will be released (in both Norwegian and English) on December 11, 2009. The film is based on the real life experiences of children who were sent out to “wander” in search of work during the 1800’s and early 1900’s in Southern Norway. Another star in the movie is Alexander Rybak.


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