A pictorial journey in Bergen

Through the eyes of artist Marianne Skjelbred VICTORIA HOFMO Brooklyn, N.Y. Images of the stunning and historic city of Bergen abound. From the famous peaked roofs of Bryggen along the harbor, to the majestic “sju fjell”—seven mountains—that surround it, to the quaint and bustling fish market, the city is rich with visual beauty. And few artists have captured the special sight of Bergen more strikingly than painter Marianne Skjelbred, who has made the city her adopted home.   Skjelbred explains that she grew up in Sandefjord, a city known for its rich Viking history. But in 2002, she chose to move to Bergen, a move that was “a
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Victoria Hofmo

Victoria Hofmo

Victoria Hofmo was born, raised, and still lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the historical heart of Norwegian New York. She is 3/4 Scandinavian: 1/2 Norwegian and 1/4 Danish/Swedish. Self-employed, she runs an out-of-school-time program that articulates learning through the arts. Hofmo is an advocate for arts and culture, education, and the preservation of the built and natural environment of her hometown, with a love for most things Scandinavian.

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