More jobs available than in 2005




The number of vacancies available on the job market in Norway has remained high and stable, despite the strong increase in the number of unemployed. More than 1000 vacancies are registered at the National Labor Office (NAV) every day.

There is also a higher number of vacancies advertised now than when the last time a recession hit Norway, around 2005.

“It is mainly at hospitals, schools and in municipalities that most vacancies are found,” says NAV deputy director Yngvar Aasholt. He says most unemployed get a new job within three months.

Aasholt says that although Norwegians are not very mobile when it comes to jobs, he would now advice those who become unemployed to be willing to look outside their own district, and even outside their own trade, and be willing to accept something else, in order to get quickly back to work. 

Source: NRK / Norway Post

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