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Last week more than 40 master’s students from the BI Norwegian School of Management, the University of Oslo and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences attended Gründercamp (Entrepreneur Camp) held at the BI Norwegian School of Management.

The object of Gründercamp, which was arranged by Ferd and Ungt Entreprenørskap (Young Entrepreneurship), was that master’s students should in the course of two days find a service, product or concept within social entrepreneurship that could maximize the potential og children and adolescents.

The teams had to think in terms of the double bottom line; in other words, in terms of both financial and social benefits.

Many ideas

Nine teams participated, and the ideas varied from café concepts involving toys and learning tools for children involving Facebook to vegetable gardens in cities as a way of fighting child obesity.

This year’s audience award, which was presented by jury member Jørgen Randers, went to Oslolosen, a group that wanted to organise friendship classes between the east and west sides of Oslo.

Will help children of divorced parents

The winner of this year’s Entrepreneur Camp was People like me for their concept of starting up a club for children of divorced parents. The idea behind the concept was to get children of divorced parents together for games and activities organised by trained staff.

“This is an idea with international potential,” said jury chairman Johan H Andersen  Jr.; “It would benefit a lot of children and young people.” The winners received a gift voucher and a diploma.

The People like me team members were:

Maxwell Labadie (BI Norwegian School of Management, USA)

Gunn Kristin Aasen Leikvoll (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway)

Kien Trung Nguyen (University of Oslo, Norway)

Niraja Upadhyaya (BI Norwegian School of Management, India)

The members of the jury were:

Johan H  Andersen Jr., Managing Director, Ferd, Eline L Ingstad, PhD student, University of Oslo, and Professor Jørgen Randers,  BI Norwegian School of Management.

Source: BI Norwegian School of Management

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