Major increase for Norwegian National Lottery

Reidar Busk The host is at the Norwegian Tipping Lotto draws. PHOTO: SVERRE Houmb / NORWEGIAN Tipping

Reidar Busk, The host is at the Norwegian Tipping Lotto draws. PHOTO: Sverre Houmb / Norwegian Tipping

During the first half of the year, Norwegians spent over 5.6 billion kroner on traditional games.

Norsk Tippings (ed. The Norwegian Lottery) half year profit rose because of Lotto Fever among Norwegian players.

During the first six months, Norwegians spent 1.85 billion kroner on Lotto and 1.1 billion on Viking Lotto.

Increased by 300 million

When adding the revenue for plays on Joker, Extra, Flax, Keno, Tipping and Oddsen, we are we to 5.6 billion spent on the Norwegian National Lottery categorized as traditional games.

This is almost 300 million more than the same period last year, according to a press release from game company.

The increase is due to the great interest around the Viking Lotto when

premium sums for a period were 80-100 million kroner.

“This shows that the public wants big prize amounts” says Thorbjørn A. Unneberg, director of trade and brand in the Norwegian National Lottery.

More online

Oddsen has also had a good first half, largely because of the Olympics and World Cup.

More and more players are using mobile a phone or the internet. 807 million of the mentioned 5.6 billion spent on games were sold online and mobile.

Norwegian Lottery says they will come out with a solution for the iPhone in the autumn.

Source: Aftenposten

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