Lyn bankrupt

Lyn_BankruptFK Lyn is bankrupt. The team fails to finish the season.

1st Division club FK Lyn Oslo is bankrupt. It said those on its website.

Both players and employees of the Lyn (Lightning) will be released from their contracts. Lyn’s best squad will now play in Division 6, where the club today already has a team, the club said to NRK.

Needed six million before the weekend

Before the weekend, the club announced that they needed six million in six days if they were to survive.

If the funding does not come into place in a very short time, the board of FK Lyn Oslo will have to petition for bankruptcy (insolvency), was the message on the club website on Friday.

A sad day

And at half past five on Wednesday afternoon, it was announced that the requirements were too harsh.

This is a sad day for us in the Lyn, but in spite of all attempts in the last months and not least days, today is definite reported the club on it’s home page.

Near the solution

Managing Director Rolf-Magne Walstad said that they were close to a solution. According to Walstad was it about between 1.5 and 2 million.

“I feel although we were relatively close to a solution, but at the same time we were apart. It was not about terribly much money, but at the same time the distance was too great that we could feel confident that we had to ask for more money during the fall” said Rolf-Magne Walstad, general manager of the bankrupt club to NRK.

Is this a result of high wages for two or three or four years ago?

“It is a result of that, among other things. But we are where we are now because we have not reached the sponsorship budget we had for this year” said Walstad.

Feels heavy

It was a difficult day for many at Lyn.

Lyn is a club which means so much to many, not just in town here but also beyond it. Therefore it is extremely bitter and extremely sad when we are so close, continuing Walstad.

Source: NRK

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