Lutefisk: Delicacy or Ethnic Delusion?

For many centuries, one of the strongest symbols of Nordic identity — that continues robustly to this day — is the said-to-be-pleasurable ritual of eating lutefisk during the holiday season, writes Roger Koskela on Kitsap Sun.

Just the mention of the word immediately brings to this Finnlander’s mind vividly discordant childhood memories — adults raving about it and us kids not only hating the reek, but also refusing to put the substance to our lips.

Yet lutefisk is touted as being relished by kings, queens and all manner of royalty (admittedly mostly by Norwegians and other Scandinavians). So what is the magnetic appeal of this fishy concoction?

On Saturday, an estimated swell of about 1,000 dined in the multi-use center at Poulsbo’s First Lutheran Church. In orchestrated shifts, they enjoyed (apparently) the “aroma” and taste of this popular Nordic tradition.

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