Love, Norwegian style

Film review: Home for Christmas JOHN SMISTAD Olympia, Wash. The need for love is universal—and so is the joy, pain, satisfaction, disappointment, euphoria, and devastation that comes along with this most powerful of human emotions. We get all of this and more in the Norwegian take on love, Home for Christmas (Hjem til jul), a six-episode series now streaming on Netflix. It’s the holidays, and hospital nurse Johanne (Ida Elise Broch in a charmingly heartrending role) has broken up with the guy her family and friends thought she would marry for three years now. They all want Joanne to find a partner i
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John Smistad

John Smistad is a published author of short stories, poems, essays, and movie reviews. He lives and loves with his family and cat in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. He is the fiercely proud son of a native Norwegian dad. (He loves his mom, too.) You can follow him as on his blog at

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